Build habits - together

Good resolutions don’t work - social mechanisms do. Junto levarages behavioral science to help users achieve their personal goals by building good habits and breaking bad habits - together.


Habit tracker

  • Define and always know why you’re building a habit
  • Break big goals down into small, manageable parts


  • Team up with friends for extra motivation and accountability
  • Exchange helpful tips for shared habits

Meaningful Notifications

  • Get inspired and motivated by your friends’ progress
  • Send and receive motivation nudges on difficult days

Stakes (coming soon)

  • Set social or financial stakes to boost your chances of success

How does it work?

What behavioral science tells us is that we are loss-averse, social animals that make decisions in a time-inconsistent manner. What…? Simply put, we hate losing things, care about what others think and often give into immediate gratification at the expense of our long term goals. The good news is, that research has also discovered social mechanisms that can help us to achieve the behavior change we desire. Junto leverages two of them: incentives and accountability.